Saturday, August 03, 2013

So I Met An Alpaca....

I met an Alpaca.  His name is Rufus.  His full name is Rufus DeAfro.  No I'm not being racist - that's truly his name.  

Rufus is a Motown alpaca.  He was the lead singer of Rufus and the Fro's.  Unfortunately their rise to fame came too late.  By the time he and his pack hit Detroit it was 1977 and Motown had already started to die. White boys were making disco hits.  The Fro's weren't disco.  They were old school Motown.  The Temptations type of Motown.  They were like the Supreme's only men not lovely women.

So I met Rufus a few weeks back.  I was driving through North Conway taking back roads so tourist didn't get all up in my grill.  I'm almost in Bartlett and  I looked across an open field and there stood Rufus.  He was humming to himself and doing some pretty funky dance moves.  His pack mates were not overly impressed and appeared to be chewing their cud.  I swore he was humming Under the Boardwalk and boy do I love that song.

I slowed down not really believing was I was hearing.  An alpaca humming Motown.  Sure enough when I stopped and got out at this lovely little farm there he was, Rufus of Rufus and the 'Fro's humming.  I just about crapped myself. Just about.  I'm not ready for the adult diapers yet. 

I waved a handful of grass to get his attention and he walked up to the fence.  I said "dude is that you"?  Rufus laughed and in his trademark baritone voice (sort of like the insurance guy on television) he said "Lordy how did you know I was Rufus"?  I was in shock to say the least.  It was the one and only Rufus.

Curiosity got to me so I started asking a bunch of questions. I had to know where Rufus has been all these years.  Where were the rest of the 'Fro's? What happened when he left Detroit.  How the hell did he end up in North Conway?  

He's a bit shaggy it's still Rufus
Rufus, always a cool cat, told me I'd have to cool my jets and stop back later since it was feeding time and he wanted a good seat next to a sweet little number from Vermont.  He walked away humming to himself.  Yup it was Under the Boardwalk and it was Rufus.

So I drove away chuckling and made plans to stop back another day.....

Check back soon for another installment of "So I Met An Alpaca".

Trust me, Rufus has a very interesting back story!  There may or may not be space travel involved.

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