Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Something YOU Can Do (while the washer is running)

I won't lie, my heart is still broken.  I miss my friend so much that some days I think my feelings will never stop running out of my eyes.  Every time I drink a cup of tea I can see you, sunglasses holding back your hair, Mona Lisa grin, hands gripping your permanent caffeine drip; once I remember you saying "you know maybe I should cut down on the coffee maybe I'll sleep better" - just started using two tea bags of caffeinated tea in per cup along with the endless cup of coffee you drank all day - you really could crack me up.

I find myself often thinking of sweet things you did, the first to volunteer for anything, the one always packing the collective "kids" into your van for a day at the lake or the movies, all the "don't worry" I can pick them up type of selflessness you always managed to do even when your life was not exactly leisurely.  I remember a vacation we took where you looked at me - cup of tea in hand - sitting in a comfy pool chair saying "Mrs. Baker, this sure isn't camping.  I really could get used to this stuff". The same vacation where I found you at 7am (seriously who gets up so early on vacation), standing in the kitchen of my cottage, empty cup of coffee in hand gesturing towards the coffee maker, sunglasses on...the image makes me chuckle.  We took a walk after you were caffeinated properly and you talked about how much you loved all the gardens and how you'd never have time to take care of it all.

Which brings me to what YOU can be doing while the washer is running.  I can't think of a better memorial to my beloved friend than a garden dedicated to her spirit and love.  So with the lovely Shelley Ehmett - I like to think of her as the Moe in our strange Three Stooges group of moms (yeah I know that makes me Curly and Lorraine was definitely Larry) we're planning the Lorraine Perry Memorial Garden.

The garden will be installed at the McClellend School in Rochester NH where Lorraine taught 3rd grade.  I really shouldn't say "we" are planning since Shelley grabbed the bull by the horn (she's good at that) and ran with the idea.  I'm in charge of all the "googly" stuff.  I'm not sure how I ended up with two friends, Lorraine and Shelley, who really believe this internet "thing" is a passing fad.

But I digress - Gardens are expensive.  Gardens need planning, lots of planning and lots of money to design, implement and dedicate.  Not to mention future costs for upkeep.  So while your wash is in the spin cycle, your dryer running on permanent press why not visit our Fundly Page and Blog Page?  Our suggested donation is $10 but you can donate anything from $5 up to $1000 (heck $5000 if you have deep pockets).  If you're not comfortable donating online you'll see other ways to help us make this a reality.

The dishes can wait - heck don't do them tell your kids to get busy and while they're not looking take a few bucks out of their piggy banks and donate!

Tell your kids the lady on the newfangled interwebs said it was OK.


ruth martin said...

Kelly you really should write a book!!

Unknown said...

I don't think I have enough to say and I'm shy!