Friday, April 18, 2014

Coming Soon....More STUFF!

Hey! Just a heads up to all my faithful readers (my Aunt Martha and my Gynecologist's secretary's sister)! I've been working on setting up a Facebook Page to go w/this blog. I'll post funny content, content to get you thinking and links to this exciting!

You can also follow me on Twitter! Right now! This minute! KelOBake is my handle, nickname, twitter ID, so come check me out.

I'm going away for a much needed vacation so look for the FB page to be ready to go around May 1st! Free tinfoil* hats to the first 100 Followers!

Enjoy your Easter. I'll leave you with a lovely Easter bunny photo from

Shortly after this photo was taken
 young Byron was taken for psychiatric counseling

*some assembly required - size fits "most"

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