Sunday, April 27, 2014

Road Diary Part One - Stuff on the roadside

To keep myself (in)sane while on road trips I keep lists of what I see that I think is odd or quirky or just plain funny. Now I can't document every single piece of road kill or debris but I do jot down quite a few things.
So here goes!

Road trip to see Springsteen - Ohio/PA/NY/NJ/CT/MA/NH/ME....

2 turkeys (one tom)
1 fox
5 red tailed hawks
1 lone goose
2 Elvis or are they Elvi's?
Beer & Go drive thru
Jugtown camp ground sign...I have the humor of a middle school boy...
6 dead deer
6 tires, whole
1 drive shaft
Buckle your seatbelt next million miles sign
Flat Stanley
Asian Tour Bus
Bird dragging a twizzler
2 dead fox
Two places named Poe
One town named Happy Valley
Truck full of chickens
1 dead turkey
1 blue suitcase.
1 blue kiddy pool
Beaver township
Big Beaver township
Beaver Falls
Beaver Valley
Big Beaver Blvd.
Guy dressed as 1984 Springsteen
3 live deer
Fizzleburgh Ohio
Lick N Putt
3 town names ending in "lick"
A giant man holding a cheese burger in front of a restaurant
Blue Knob, valley, mountain, state park
Truck carrying a truck piggy back...2
3 tunnels
Sign saying 81-84 to New PA
Sign pointing to Indiana... In PA ( come to find out it's a town, like Mexico Maine)
Ridge side brush fire...big.
Large river paddle boat in someone's yard
1 large brown trash can
HELP Trucks by State Farm not helping much of anything
A sign saying "All vehicles with explosives must take exit 11"
A giant red snail
Marvin Gardens
Exciting I know! Try to keep yourself under control over all of it.

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