Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Help Me - Write My Next Blog Post (it'll be fun)

Some people, well lots of people (everyone) would like me to be quiet. My insane caffeinated energy of nonstop chatter is my gift to the world.

So while I'm practicing silence (hahaha...ha) I'm going to turn this blog post over to you. Crazy right?

I need to write a blog post with the  title "Ode to the Man in Boy Pants" and I want to write a poem, verse, ode, song, or whatever you can come up with.   Here are the things you need to know;

The location is the ocean, beach, or shore. Anything near the ocean.
The man is middle age w/ children
He wears blue jeans. Levis for a brand example
His pants are to small since they belong to a teen boy
Skinny jeans
Walking is difficult
His mode of transportation is a mini van
The season is spring

Write a few lines or a single line. Whatever you can come up with. Even a haiku will do as would a limerick or two. Email them to in the subject line type Ode Pants. 

Keep them rated PG13 please! Naughty language is OK but let's not go down the porn road please! You can also post in the comment section but keep it funny not raunchy. 

Deadline for submitting is June 12 so hurry! As I receive the lines I will post them. Here is the opening line;

He was an average sized man, known as the Commander by those riding in his Dodge Mini Van.

Rhyming isn't necessary and the above line can be changed or moved. Flex your creative brain muscles!

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