Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Wonder Why?

Random list of things I wonder about.

1. I wonder why men only read magazines in the bathroom?

2. I wonder why people throw off fireworks at 2am on a Tuesday morning?

3. I wonder why old hairy men like to wear Speedo's?

4. I wonder why summer seems too short and winter so long?

5. I wonder why chipmunks hide food they're going to forget hiding in 5 minutes?

6. I wonder why my dogs, after 7 years of the same mailman, still want to tear him to shreds?

7. I wonder why I started this stupid list?

8. I wonder why ADD and OCD in the same person doesn't cancel out each another?

9. I wonder why my black dog isn't bald since he sheds another whole dog daily?

10. I wonder why I seem to still look like my mother dressed me and I'm 52 years old?

11. I wonder why MTV doesn't drop the "M" and just call itself TV?

12. I wonder why if I'm like a good neighbor State Farm isn't here?

And finally...

13. I wonder why you can't press "no I don't agree w/this amount" at the supermarket checkout lane after you've swiped your debit card, is not allowed? If they didn't want my opinion they shouldn't have asked the question.


Anonymous said...

thanks Kelly, you always make me laugh!!

Unknown said...

You're welcome!