Sunday, March 01, 2015

Pirates Uneven Weekend Against the Caps

Here's a riddle - How can you go from all but one active member of the Pirates to record a point on Friday night to not even being asked to dance on Saturday night?  Only in the AHL Atlantic Division or when your Uncle Moe is the only date available. 
Friday's performance by the Portland Pirates saw all but the bus driver scoring in an 8-1 booty kicker against the St John's Ice Caps.  Henrik Samuelsson lead the Pirates scoring machine off in the first period with an early goal, assisted by Jordan Martinook and Dylan Reese. Greg Carey put up the second goal, assisted by Eric Selleck and Justin Hache and Portland was on it's way. The Pirates continued to light the lamp in the first period with a goal from Francis Wathier, assisted by Selleck and Tyler Gaudet. Read more here

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