Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Hey Ho...Where Did I Go?

It's been awhile.  I know, I know.  I make promises to everyone that I do keep but to myself I don't always keep them. I'm sorry to the three of you out their in the universe who have been looking for something to read or maybe wondered if I had been abducted by aliens.

Speaking of aliens.  They have invaded our mediocre state again.  Oh wait, I'm hearing now they are not aliens but tourist.  I should have known. Aliens would be much more polite. And yes Mister Tourist I did make it rain you whole vacation on purpose so please visit another state next year, buhbye! But I have to love them because they spend money so Governor BlowHard can have more to give to his big business friends. Meh, whatever (insert eye roll)

I have nothing new and interesting to share with you. I still don't have a goat or a unicorn. I was attacked by an elderly shark while on vacation in Cocoa Beach. I swam with Man O'War's in Sebastian and I scared off all the manatee in Port St Lucie. I came home more injured than when I left so I've spent the last three months in OT and PT and unable to be on the computer typing very long. Yes I know I could use a voice program but I swear too much and Samsung kept asking me if I was speaking in Portuguese. Apps have no sense of humor.  Getting old sucks kids. It's not for the weak.  Oh and I still don't have a hot tub. I admit I spend a bit too much time on Craigslist and I still don't have a hot tub, or a goat. Pretty sure I'm repeating myself.

I am taking the summer off from being the super amazing volunteer to maybe put myself first for a bit. It won't happen but I'll have one less headache for awhile. Maybe in the fall I'll be bored enough to start doing work again but right now I'm just rocking my Pampered Chef business (my kitchen looks amazing thank you very much) so you know who to hit up when you need a dinglebob for your kitchen. I highly recommend our pantry products like the spices, sauces, and rubs Less expensive than the grocery store.  You can send me a message if you'd like to place an order or click here for my website and nope you don't need to have a party to have great stuff.

Enough with the shameless commerce commercial (but hey baby needs new shoes). It's time for me to go because this is the extent of the typing I can do at the moment. Here is a few rules for summer fun I want to pass on to you before you go, if you haven't already left.

1. Sock and Sandals - NO.
2. Sharks never sleep.
3. Pick up your trash.
4. Smile until your cheeks hurt and laugh until your belly hurts.
5. Leave the Fireworks to the professionals.

Cheers my friends. Until next time. Peace out.

Me and the Mister 

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