Thursday, September 03, 2015


What is wrong with us as a society? Yesterday a police officer in Millis MA** was shot at while driving down the road and a Schuykill County officer offering assistance was assaulted. In Illinois a manhunt continues for a cop killer. Fire Fighters in some cities are wearing body armour. Grocery shopping can be deadly in Maine if eye contact is made. Welcome to the jungle we call America!

We hate hate hate everything. We hate blacks. We hate whites. We hate Hispanics and Asians too! Mexicans go home! Fuck you Canada!

We hate cops. We hate Muslims. We hate immigrants, which for the majority of us is pretty laughable because only Native Americans are from "here". We hate white bread, sliced bread and onion bagels too!

We want to ban guns or arm everyone while many shouldn't even be trusted with a water pistol. But darn it I need to shoot up a movie theater if I damn well please. No i6 don't need my meds thank you very much. I'm an American and everything is a personal attack on me!

We want to regulate marriage but have zero concern about regulating big corporations. Arrest the addict who needs treatment because it assaults your sensibilities! Oh My God the inmate are running the asylum but we don't care!

We listen to grown up people argue over who should be president when 99% have no ideas just "I'm better than him/her" rhetoric. When does it stop? When do we say I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT TAKING THI ANYMORE?

We're victims and bullies. We're not doer's, we're whiners. We're a land of blamers! Long live mediocrity! We're #4!

A #ChangeisComing will you stand up or will you just lay blame on your parents, your teachers, your government?

Will you be the squeaky wheel? The square peg in the round hole? The rebel in the crowd? Or will you be the one leading the blame game band?

Think about it.


The Millis MA Police Officer lied! What is wrong with people? Story here


Unknown said...

I love it. EXACTLY how I, and many of us, feel. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

I hope it moves people to use their voices to bring about change!