Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Phew! That was close!

In my never ending excuse as to why I don't post something every day, week, month...I almost completely forgot to renew my domain name.


Crisis averted for another year. I'm way to cheap to purchase two years.

So what's been up with you since I started completely ignoring this blog to concentrate on mundane things like making a living selling artsy crafty items? You're looking pretty good (but I do need new glasses so you're a bit blurry).

I am fine. Glad you asked.

I admit to be tired of all the silly campaign ads for Mr/Miss Congeniality or whatever it is people are running for. I do believe "running" is the wrong word. It seems to me a slow slog to the White House where you get to live and people get to insult your every move and those of your family because well all "know" every problem in the world is YOUR fault. Just ask Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter and Ford.  Personally I blame Ben Franklin.

And yes, I'm aware he was not a president to which I blame him. If he had been president we'd not be where we are today. We'd probably be in France but that's a discussion for another day.

Here's a quick Pro/Con on how I feel about 2016 so far.

No major snowstorms North of Common Sense
Low oil prices (woo we're putting the heat up to 68 degrees bitches)
Netflix binge watching Nurse Jackie

Rock Star Deaths
Trump is still talking
Jada Pinkett Smith (I'm sure she's a very nice lady so no need to post a hateful comment)

Want to see more? Go to http://www.pressroomvip.com/how-to-donald-trump-your-cat/

And with that I'm off.  I hope you know I write a blog post in my head just about every day but so far my computer can't read my thoughts (thanks be to God).

Stay classy 'Murica

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